AYA is the collection of

Equipo DRT,  made in jacquard for interiors and exteriors. Fabrics for all types of upholstery, sofas, chairs, panels or cushions.

Designed by Vicent Martínez from drawings by the artist Ana Hernández.

In Japanese, AYA describes the beauty of patterns and colours. It means elegance and combination of colours and fabric shapes.


PETALS. Roses and textiles are part of the history of weaving. Roses with contemporary neo-figurative lines and a classical memory.

PYRENEES. Full, exuberant and joyful nature. Skill and know-how, weaving threads to create a sensual forest.

SIGNS. A woven score of undulating signs that trace and evoke a soft, enveloping melody.

HARMONY. Threads as ductile strokes that define and trace linear and transversal rhythms crossing each other to create beautiful, austere and relaxed grids.

Equipo DRT
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