30 years, 3 versions and a single concept. This would be the evolutionary summary of an early classic of product design, such as La Literatura.
The values of a dynamic and primary design, but with its own character and a unique concept, are the principles that led Vicent Martinez to develop this piece. A simple, elegant and highly pragmatic piece, which its creator has been able to adapt to the aesthetic and cultural needs of the society that has seen it grow.
From its creative beginnings to the choice of its title, the simplicity and functional concept that has defined La Literatura over the last 30 years is evident. Three decades during which it has accompanied us, in living rooms, bedrooms or libraries, and has even seen the birth of its sister, the Literatura table.
Undoubtedly, Vicent Martinez has managed to create with elegance and sobriety a simple, dynamic piece with an eminent pragmatism. A piece with which each person can feel identified in their own way, establish an emotional bond, and even play with it, dominate it, and arrange it as they wish without it complaining or putting up the slightest resistance, either formally, aesthetically or structurally.

Always, maintaining constant its functional capacity, the magic that accredits its raison d’être. Aspects which, in turn, justify the addiction and the feeling of attachment to its design and concept of every user who knows it, looks at it, tries it out and finally owns it.

Pilar Mellado, Researcher in Aesthetics and History of Industrial Design at the School of Technical Engineering in Industrial Design (ETSID), Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Vicent Martínez Disseny _ EASD Valencia

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