Isa, is a chair loaded with symbolism and adaptability. Thanks to its lively and variable backrests, Isa transforms itself, something that allows it to integrate into very diverse spaces. It manages to become a chair with many styles: Nordic, Classic, Mediterranean, Existential, Sophisticated, Linear or Cool styles. Its secret: the combination of its beech wood backrest and upholstery. Starting from two combinable pieces and the upholstery of its base, Isa becomes a very different chair, with a set of shapes and colours that range from die-cut, smooth, upholstered and where both the upper and lower parts of its backrest are combined. It is also stackable and in the backrest a unique and small space has been created that allows you to leave small bags, purses, wallets or laptops. It is ideal for restaurant spaces.

Awards & Prizes
Selection of CONTEMPORARY ICONS NEO2 Madrid, 2020.

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